The Search for God at Radio City


“Why are we going to a Christmas show when we’re not Christian?”

Thanks to Brain, Child Magazine for reposting my story from last year about raising Jewish kids at Christmas. I thought my kids would love the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Instead, it raised questions for them about what it means to be an outsider. As someone who grew up celebrating Christmas, I was surprised that they thought the show was for other people, not for them.

I realize that in my efforts to raise proud, Jewish children, I may have made too much of the fact that we don’t celebrate Christmas. After reading Galit Breen’s excellent piece “What This Jew Thinks About Celebrating Christmas” I’ve come to think that there might be ways to combine the two traditions without confusing everyone. The fact is, I did grow up celebrating Christmas (with my Jewish father) and maybe it is O.K. (of course it is) to share some of those traditions with my kids. So we’re working on it.

Read my piece at Brain, Child here!

Happy everything to everyone and everything.