Body Politic


My latest essay is about Trump and the election, because what else is there to talk about?

But seriously folks, I wanted to understand why I took this one so hard (like a lot of people). When I dug down, I realized it had something to do with my body. Let’s just say that getting an IUD seemed like a fitting coda to the election of 2016.

It’s about anger and resistance and the things we bury that come screaming to the surface when we least expect it. I hope you enjoy it.


“I wish I could say that getting an IUD in the waning days of the Obama administration was an act of political resistance. It wasn’t.

My doctor had been suggesting one for a while so the timing was purely coincidental. However, it seemed fitting that I close up shop, reproductively speaking, in the days before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It was also the day of Trump’s first press conference as president-elect. Before my appointment, I sat down in front of the television to watch, not on the sofa where I might have been comfortable but perched on the edge of an arm chair, ready to pounce, or run.”

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Published by Daisy Alpert Florin

I'm a writer, editor, teacher and mother of three. I write personal essays and am currently working on a novel. I grew up in New York City and now live in Connecticut with my family.

One thought on “Body Politic

  1. Wow – powerful, thought provoking, emotional, beautiful, totally relatable. Thank you.

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